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Statement of Commitment
This charter sets out our
commitment to provide a good service which meets our passengers’ needs. It also sets out the rights that passengers have under EU and UK legislation.

Your Rights

You have a right to be provided with appropriate and comprehensible information about your rights when you use regular bus and coach services.


The safety of our passengers and our staff, is our highest priority. We will manage our activities and co-operate with other bodies such as the police, to make your journey safe.


When we record passengers on our CCTV systems, we follow the CCTV code of practice published by the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Our information for passengers will be as accurate and relevant as possible.

Timetable Information

We will provide timetable information through the following channels:-

Through Traveline tel: 0871 200 22 33 or at• On our website at
Information will normally be available at least two weeks in advance
Our website follows the principles of accessible web design
• On
main bus stops (subject to the co-operation of local authorities such as Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council)
• Ask
the driver of your bus if you want further timetable information for your trip


We will provide fare information on our website and on buses. Please ask the driver for fare details for your journey. We will provide additional information on our website covering the discounted tickets and passes that can be used on our buses.
To speed up our services, we have a “no change” policy for fares paid on the bus.

Your Rights

We will not charge you a different price based on your nationality.

Information in Accessible Formats

We are able to provide timetable and fare information in accessible formats on request. All of our information will be made available in large print, on audio cassette or in translation. This information may take time to produce and there may be a cost. Requests can be made by email at or by post at 7 Constantine Road, Ipswich IP1 2DL or on our Freephone number 0800 91 93 90 (available 0700 – 1900 Monday to Saturday).

Information Displays on our Buses

All our buses display a route number or letter and a destination or other indication of where they are going.

Your Rights

You are entitled to adequate information throughout your journey. Where feasible and when you have made a request, we will provide the information in accessible formats. We can provide large print timetables and maps, also departure lists for bus stops on request by contacting us by email at or by post at 7 Constantine Road, Ipswich IP1 2DL or on our Freephone number 0800 91 93 90 (available 0700 – 1900 Monday to Saturday). Please allow five working days for us to post them to you.

Reliable Services

We will provide enough buses, drivers and supervisors to run the service we advertise in normal circumstances. We will train and motivate our staff to do everything possible to run a full service in line with our plans. When factors beyond our control make it impossible to run the full service, we will do all that we can to minimize inconvenience and keep passengers informed. If you are waiting for a bus at a location without a real time display you can find out about disruptions to service by following us on Twitter @ipswichbuses or through our Facebook page. Passengers already on the bus will be informed by the driver.
We aim to operate all our services to the standards for the operation of local bus services set by the Traffic Commissioners that 95% of our journeys will operate within a window of “one minute early/five minutes late”.
We monitor the punctuality of our services using a variety of methods and publish details of our punctuality on our web site at on the Performance page.

Providing a clean travel environment

We will clean our vehicles regularly and do everything we can to ensure that the bodies responsible for stops and bus stations keep them clean and tidy.


We will regularly check our vehicles to make sure that their heating, cooling and lighting systems are working as intended. We train our drivers to give passengers a safe and comfortable ride.

Making you welcome; helping you travel with confidence

We will provide a welcoming travel environment, treating our passengers with respect. We will make reasonable adjustments to meet the individual needs of passengers while maintaining a reliable service. We will look for customer service and disability awareness skills when selecting staff who will meet passengers in their work. We will give all these members of staff initial and ongoing disability awareness training. We offer Journey Care Cards that help people with disabilities make our staff aware of their needs. Care cards can be downloaded at We will do what we can to discourage unreasonable behavior by other passengers on the bus.

Your Rights

We will not refuse to let you travel because of a disability that you have, unless it is physically impossible to carry you safely. If we lose or damage your mobility equipment, we will compensate you fully for its replacement or repair. We have procedures for giving disability-related training to our staff.

If you want to contact us

We encourage feedback on our performance – good or bad. You can contact us by email at, by post at 7 Constantine Road, Ipswich IP1 2DL or on
our Freephone number 0800 91 93 90. If you want us to follow up a specific incident, you need to give us enough information to identify the service you used such as time, date, location, service number, and bus registration number or fleet number and a description of what happened. We will normally give you a response within five working days. If we are unable to deal with the matter in
that timescale we will contact you to outline the expected response time. If the matter does not relate to our direct sphere of influence we will pass your comments to the relevant party.

Independent appeals
If you disagree with our response to any complaint you have the option of approaching Bus Users UK ( or 0300 111 0001) who will try to resolve the issue for you.
They may refer your complaint to the Bus Appeals Body ( We commit to act on the Bus Appeals Body’s recommendations.

Your rights

In addition to our commitments above, you have a right for your complaint to be dealt with if it concerns any of the matters covered by the sections headed “Your rights” in this charter, provided you submit it within three months. We must respond to these complaints within one month of you submitting them and give you a final reply, stating whether your complaint is substantiated or rejected, within three months. You have the right to appeal these complaints to Bus Users UK if you disagree with our response. Bus Users UK is subject to a three month time limit for dealing with appeals and must refer unresolved complaints to a Traffic Commissioner. If they fail to refer your complaint promptly when the time limit expires, you have the right to refer it to the relevant Traffic Commissioner yourself.

Bus Users UK
Terminal House

TW17 8AS

Tel: 0300 111 0001


In return, we ask you to:-

Give a clear signal to the driver that you want to catch the bus.

Have your money, or your ticket, or your pass, ready as you board.

Show consideration for your fellow passengers. Never intimidate people or deliberately make them uncomfortable. Avoid taking up seats with your bags, putting your shoes on the seats and making intrusive noise.

Don’t leave litter on the bus and don’t eat or drink if notices ask you not to.

Show consideration for our staff. They are trying to do their best for everybody.

Follow the instructions on signs. They are there for your safety and to ensure that people who have particular needs can travel with ease. In particular, be ready to give up space that is needed by a wheelchair user.

Ring the bell in good time (if nobody has already rung it) when you want to get off.

Stay in your seat until the bus has stopped or if you consider it is safe, move towards the door as the bus approaches your stop.