Wheelchairs On Our Buses

We have invested in low-floor buses to make all our services accessible for travel for passengers in wheelchairs and others with mobility issues. All our buses have a dedicated area for wheelchair users, although this space may also be used by other passengers.

Passengers boarding with wheelchairs and pushchairs should be capable of boarding without the assistance of the driver, subject to the use of any raised kerb, ramp or kneeling facility provided. It
is our policy that our drivers lower the bus at all stops, if for some reason this does not happen please ask the driver to lower the step and /or ramp to allow you to board.

Where requested by the driver, other passengers in the wheelchair area should change seats to allow others to board with a wheelchair. Should a wheelchair user board the bus when children are being carried in an unfolded pushchair, the driver may request that the pushchair is folded and the child carried on a seat or lap. Our driver will request passengers to vacate the wheelchair area if space is available to allow a wheelchair user to board but they cannot compel people to move. We would ask all our passengers to consider the needs of others who may not be as able bodied.

Our driver has no power to compel passengers to move. We are reliant on the goodwill, courtesy and manners of the other passengers involved. Unfortunately if other passengers refuse to move wheelchair users will have to wait for the next bus that has space available.

Wheelchair capacity is limited to that shown on each bus, and we cannot guarantee that a pushchair or wheelchair will be carried on any specific service or journey.


Dial – A – Ride

Provide door-to-door local transport for mobility impaired people who are unable, or find it difficult to use conventional buses and trains. Vehicles and minibuses are fitted with a wheelchair lift and other specialist equipment

Ipswich Dial a Ride Ltd
Tel: 08453 479379

Felixstowe – Felixstowe Area Community Transport Ltd.
Tel: 01394 270339

Mid Suffolk – Optua Community Transport
Tel: 01449 614271

Community Car Service

Operates in a similar way to Dial a Ride services except that volunteer drivers and their own private vehicles are used – and therefore they are unable to accept passengers who wish to remain in their wheelchairs during the journey.

Ipswich – Womens Royal Voluntary Service
Tel: 01473 744739

Framlingham and Woodbridge Community Car Service
Tel: 01728 621210

Felixstowe – Felixstowe Area Community Transport Ltd.
Tel: 01394 282857

Mid Suffolk – Optua Community Transport
Tel: 01449 614271