Good for your health, your economy and the environment


Ipswich Buses are delighted to share that Catch the Bus Week 2019 will be taking place from 1st to 7th July 2019. Now in its fifth year, this national campaign, spearheaded by Greener Journeys, aims to show people the benefits of taking the bus, and the positive impact buses have on health, the economy and the environment.

What is Catch The Bus Week?

Catch the Bus Week is a fun and unique way to see the benefits of catching buses - especially as a way to getting to and from work.


Did you know that as buses take up less space than the number of cars needed to transport everyone, one full double decker bus means 75 fewer cars on the road!

Environmentally Friendly

Buses can really help the environment - a bus with as few as seven passengers on it is more fuel efficient than one car, generating only about 20% of the carbon monoxide and just 10% of the hydrocarbons per passenger-mile!1

They also have a much better fuel efficiency than cars when looking at the max person-miles per gallon too (around a 200% improvement!)2


Health Benefits

Taking the bus has been shown to have great health benefits. In research undertaken in 2015 in Japan, public transport users were shown to be 44% less likely to be obese, 27% less likely to have high blood pressure and 34% less likely to have diabetes, when compared to people who drive to work.

As well as this, people who use public transport tend to have a better BMI and be on average half a stone lighter than those who drive to work!3

Happy commuters

Commuting does not have to be stressful - a study of 18,000 British workers undertaken by researchers at UEA showed that people who switched from driving to public transport for their commute to work reported an increase in their wellbeing, an improvement in their concentration, and generally felt better.

It is thought that this is because time on a bus gives people the chance to relax, unwind, and do things like reading that they do not have time for in their daily lives.4


Great for the local economy

Getting the bus can really boost where you live - research shows that for every £1 spent on local buses, £8 of benefits for local businesses, communities and the environment is generated.

In total, it is thought that buses generate £64bn a year for local economies.5

It is estimated that switching from car to bus for a single journey a month means one billion fewer car journeys and two million tons of CO2 saved every year.

Not only are you healthier and your local economy is richer, this also means the air where you live is cleaner and much better for everyone in your area.

fewer vehicles

1 full double decker means 74 fewer vehicles - less traffic, solution and stress.

tons Co2

Swapping the bus for just a single car journey a month can help save million of tons of CO2

less likely

Public transport users have been shown to be 44% less likely to be obese

What can you do?

Try catching the bus between the 1st - 7th July - even one journey makes a huge difference!


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