Buses Services During Second Lockdown

4th November 2020
Our buses will continue running their current timetables from Thursday 5th November, so people can carry on travelling to school and essential employment during lockdown.
Please remember our 3 easy steps when planning your journey:
1) Allow More Time – Your journey may take longer than normal due to reduced capacity and social distancing measures and you must allow sufficient time if your journey involves changing buses or on to different forms of transport.
2) Check Your Bus – Use our Capacity Checker to see how quiet or busy your bus may be, which is available on the Ipswich Buses app. We encourage you to wait for a later bus if you feel you cannot keep your distance from other people. You may consider getting on or off the bus at the previous or next stop, if it is quieter.
3) Stay Safe – Follow government guidance and the onboard signage when traveling on Ipswich Buses
Please remember to follow our safer travel guidance when traveling with Ipswich Buses.

Further Information:

Contact our customer service team by emailing info@ipswichbuses.co.uk or calling 0800 919 390

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