Credit Vouchers ending on 31st March

20th February 2019

With effect from 31st March 2019, Ipswich Buses will only accept the correct fare on Town services numbered 1 to 16.

Credit vouchers will not be accepted or issued on any buses after this date.

Passengers with a credit voucher will have until Sunday 28th April 2019 to redeem their credit voucher(s) from the Enquiry Office only. Anything after this date will not be valid.

All our Country services will continue to give out change.


  • Why are we removing credit vouchers?

    We want to make boarding the bus as quick and easy as possible. By applying an exact fare policy we hope that this will improve boarding time for all passengers. By removing credit vouchers we will also use fewer ticket rolls – meaning we will reduce our paper waste and help the environment.

  • Why do you not give cash refunds on your Town services?

    For the safety of our drivers and to improve boarding times for our passengers, we will no longer give out cash refunds.

  • Can I get my money back from my credit voucher(s) after the 28th April 2019?

    No, you will not be able to redeem any credit vouchers back in the Enquiry Office, or on any of our services, after the 28th April 2019.

  • Will the driver give out change on the bus?

    No, the drivers will not give out any cash refunds or credits vouchers if you pay too much for your fare on the Town buses on services 1 to 16 from the 31st March 2019.

  • Can I still use cash on the bus?

    Yes, you can still use cash on the bus. We do ask that you use the exact fare as no cash refunds or credit vouchers will be issued. For example, if your fare is £1.60, and you put £2.00 into the hopper you will not receive a 40p cash refund or a 40p credit voucher.

  • What other ways can I pay for my fare?

    We offer great value products to make travelling on our buses quicker and easier. Did you know that you can pay for your single, transfer, returns, day and family tickets with contactless payment on board all our buses?
    For passengers that don’t use our buses as frequently, we offer a 10 -trip smartcard card which has no expiry date – each time you do a journey it will take a trip off. For our more frequent passengers we offer, 7-day, 28-day, 6-months and annual passes, which allows you to travel on an unlimited basis for the selected period of time. See our Tickets page for more information.

  • What happens if I don’t have the correct fare?

    Please refer to our conditions of carriage.

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