Ipswich Buses Announce Town Fare Revisions Starting 17th November 2019

23rd October 2019
Category: General News

Ipswich Buses announces changes to bus fares, which will come into effect from Sunday 17th November 2019.

The changes will see Adult single and Adult day return fares on town services in Ipswich being revised as follows:

Adult Single:  




Adult Day Return:




Adult Transfer


Under 20’s return


Prices for the Under 20’s ticket range will also be revised but the Under 20 single ticket price will remain unchanged, at just £1.20.

The Adult Day Rover ticket will also remain at the same value price of £4.50, with it still being available all day, for making multiple journeys within Ipswich.

The Family Day ticket is to be increased to £6.50 but still offers great value, as it allows either two adults and three children or one adult and four children to travel around town all day.

On Sundays, we will be offering a promotion until the end of the year, which will see us reduce the Family Day Ticket price to just £5.00, to help encourage more people to visit the town centre and to support Sunday shopping.

Please see below the full list of changes: 

Fares Summary Table  
Current Price New Price
Adult Single £1.10 £1.20
Adult Single £1.60 £1.70
Adult Single £2.10 £2.20
Adult Return £1.80 £2.00
Adult Return £2.80 £3.00
Adult Return £3.80 £4.00
Adult Day Ticket £4.50 £4.50
Family Day Ticket £6.00 £6.50 Monday- Saturday
 £5.00 Sundays
U20 Single £1.20 £1.20
U20 Return £2.00 £2.10
U20 Day Ticket £2.70 £2.80
Child TownRider 7 Day Pass £10.00 £10.40
Child TownRider Saver 10 £10.00 £10.40
Child TownRider 28 Day Pass £36.00 £37.00
Adult Transfer £2.70 £3.00
Adult TownRider 7 Day Pass £16.00 £16.50
Adult TownRider 28 Day Pass £52.00 £54.00
Adult TownRider 6 Month Pass £300.00 £310.00
Adult Town Rider 52 Week Pass £520.00 £540.00
Adult TownRider Saver 10 £16.00 £16.50
Adult TownRider Saver 20 £32.00 £33.00
Adult TownRider Saver 30 £48.00 £49.50
Adult TownRider Saver 40 £64.00 £66.00
Adult TownRider Saver 50 £80.00 £82.50

Those aged between 16 and 20 need to show the driver either an Ipswich Buses ID (Available to buy from the Enquiry Office at Tower Ramparts) or Suffolk County Council Endeavour card  available from Suffolk County Council to qualify for these fares.

Customers can still use contactless payment on all buses, meaning they can pay for singles, returns, transfer tickets, day tickets and family tickets using their bankcard, phone or Apple Watch, which means no more fumbling around for change!

Furthermore, a new Mobile App will be launched soon, to help those customers who purchase multi-journey tickets, as it will avoid the need to purchase them from our Travel Shop or to carry cash to pay our driver.

School services:

Due to increased costs with supplying school buses, some increases to ticket prices will be made, with schools being notified in advance.

Country Routes:

Outside of the Ipswich town area, the prices on these routes will remain unchanged.

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