Farewell to our DAF DB250's

To mark the withdrawal of our DAF DB250's and celebrate over 20 years reliable service the type has given to our customers and the Borough of Ipswich, on Saturday 30th July 2022 we will operating service 5 Ipswich Central > Foxhall Road > Ipswich Hospital wholly with the type to enable enthusiasts the opportunity to take a ride or see them in service one last time. 

A copy of the timetable for service 5 can be found here

Ipswich Buses purchased its first DAF DB250 in 1996 when the company purchased number 50 registered P442 SWX with an Optare Spectra body which had been built as a left drive demonstrator and converted into right hand driver before joining the company.

The company then went on to purchase another 3 Optare bodied examples (51-53) which were followed by 7 East Lanc's bodied examples (54-59,100). 54 - 59 still remain in the fleet today and can normally be found on school services to the south of Ipswich. 

Although a couple of the DAF's may stay on as reserve vehicles the rest will be withdrawn from 1st August and prepared for disposal, so this will definitely be the last chance to catch one in regular service.