Save with pre-pay when you regularly travel by bus
  1. Get your Smartcard
  2. Add credit
  3. Tap onboard and go!

Smartcards are pre-paid cards available on Ipswich Buses network. Smartcards can be used to save money when you are planning on making multiple journeys.

To get your Smartcard please visit our offices in Tower Ramparts. Your initial smartcard will cost £3.00 and is reusable.

To add credit to your Smartcard please top-up using cash, debit or credit card in our offices. For 7 day, 28 day and 10 trips you are also able to top-up using cash on the bus.

To use your Smartcard, when you get on the bus please place it on the ticket machine plate to register your fare purchase.

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0800 919 390

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