Health & Safety Policy

The Health and Safety at WorkAct 1974 imposes statutory duties and responsibilities on employers and employees. It is the Policy of this Company, so far as it is reasonable practicable, to ensure these responsibilities are properly managed at all levels of our Company. Arrangements for health and safety are integrated in the following pages as part of the management system, incorporating planning,
organisation, arrangements, control, monitoring and review of preventative and protective measures identified by our risk assessments, method statements and safe systems of work. This extends to the necessity to wear high visibility clothing in areas where there are vehicle movements.

We seek to ensure that all practicable steps are taken to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all employees, customers, visitors and contractors to the premises or operations under our control with the following measures:

  1. The provision and maintenance of vehicles, plant, equipment and systems of work that are safe and without risks to health.
  2. The provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to secure the health and safety of work of all operatives. There is a system for joint consultation, through the Safety Committee to propose, promote and improve good working practices.
  3. The premises and working environment of all employees is safe, clean and without risks to health and proper provision is made of facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work. Moving vehicles will present a hazard to pedestrians so always use marked walkways and look/listen at all times. The maximum speed limit on Company premises is 5mph and extra care needs to be taken when reversing. This limit is recommended when using the Tower Ramparts as well as private premises such as schools and works contracts.
  4. Arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of articles, materials and substances, by circulating information on potential hazards, limiting exposure and monitoring as required by the COSHH regulations.
  5. We have a duty to ensure all processes that have detrimental effect on the environment are identified, controlled, minimised and eliminated, where possible. This includes controls on effluent and waste disposal and effective measures to deal with spillages.
  6. The Health and Safety Policy document is reviewed and updated when necessary but at least annually. Communication of any changes will be made to staff by means of the appropriate notice boards and through the health and safety committee.
  7. It is the duty of every employee to take reasonable steps for the health and safety of him or herself and of other persons who may be affected by his or her acts or omissions at work.
  8. It is the duty of every employee to co-operate with the Company as necessary, such as by using, wearing and looking after personal protective clothing and equipment, to enable the Company to carry out, perform and comply with our statutory duties.
  9. The health and safety law poster is on display at all Company premises as are other information, instruction and warning notices. Please read this and all other official notices that re displayed for your guidance.

Environmental Policy

The Company are committed to comply with the applicable legal and other requirements relevant to the business activities.

The Company provides public transport, which is an energy and pollution efficient means of transport, particularly when compared to other motorised alternatives. The Company will seek to ensure that its actions in providing these services are made with a knowledge and consideration of the environmental impact of the action.

We are committed to the prevention of pollution and particular action will be taken to ensure a minimisation of the use of scarce materials and resources, by consuming only those which are necessary for the task and by using recycled and renewable sources wherever possible.

The Company will keep our vehicle fleet clean but will minimise our use of water by re-cycling it. We will have in mind the environmental aspect of spillages. Corrosive products will only be used where there is no viable alternative and disposal procedures are sound.

We will encourage our staff and customers to take our environmental concern into their own lives – and encourage them to use our services to come to work. We are committed to continual improvement and will use this policy to assist in the establishment and review of objectives and targets to ensure this.

This policy is communicated to all employees of the Company. It shall be displayed in a prominent position within the organisation and, in an area that is accessible by the public and reviewed regularly to ensure its continued suitability.


Privacy Policy


This privacy policy explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you use our products and services.

What information do we collect about you?

When you use one of our smartphone apps to purchase tickets or travel, our authorised data processor collects and processes some personal data on our behalf in order to manage the ticketing and travel experience.

A list of what data is collected, how it is used and how you may opt out is detailed in their privacy policy at this web address.

Comments and Complaints

If you have a complaint about the way in which we have stored or processed your personal data, we would encourage you to contact us in the first instance so that we can work with you to resolve this.  You also have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Changes to our privacy policy

We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this web page.  This privacy policy was last updated on 8th November 2019.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have a question about our privacy policy or information we hold about you:

By email


By post

Or write to us at:  Ipswich Buses Ltd, 7 Constantine Rd, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 2DL

Heath Williams

Managing Director

Ipswich Buses

Heath Williams
Managing Director
Ipswich Buses