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On town routes with a number under 20

One Journey £1, £1.20, £1.50 or £1.90 (or save at least 10p by buying a return or day ticket)
Two Journeys £2 Transfer (Within an hour)
All Day Ticket £3.60
10 Journeys £14
All Week Ticket £14
4 Week Ticket £48

You can buy all these tickets from the driver, but you need a smart card for the multi-journey, weekly and 4 weekly tickets. You can get these from the driver. The first one costs £1 and then you can use it over and over again.

Let us know the number of the card and your email address here and we will be able to replace the travel on it if you lose it.

Or better still, bring the card in to us at our shop in Tower Ramparts and swap it for a securely registered card with your photograph and name on it.

We also sell 6 month tickets for £290 and Annual tickets for £500 from the Travel Shop.

Under 5?

You travel free!

Travelling together?

All day family ticket only £4.20 – for 1 Adult and up to 4 children or 2 Adults and up to 3 children; not available before 1000 on schooldays. Or 1 plus 3 £6.50 anytime and travel all day (That’s 1 Adult & up to 3 children)

Under 20?

If you’re under 20 its £1 per journey (£1.20 before 8.30 Monday to Friday), £2 all day, £10 all week, 10 trips for £9.50 or 4 weeks for £32.

Smartcards for under 20s are only available from Tower Ramparts Bus Station but if you have a card, you can top it up on bus. If you are in year 11 or above, you need an SCC Endeavour Card to show the driver.

We also accept other formal proof of age documents such as Connexions Card or Passport and can also issue an ID card if required at Tower Ramparts Bus Station.


We charge £1 per dog for a Rover ticket – valid for travel all day (even if the dog’s name is Cyril!).

Out of town routes

Routes numbered 20 and above are operated under contract to Suffolk County Council who require us to charge different fares based on their standard distance related charges.

Topping up

You can extend your Weekly or 4 Weekly ticket anytime by adding another week or 4 weeks to it – it will automatically start as soon as your ticket has finished.

You can also add another 10 journeys to your card any time, you can buy up to 50 at once at our Travel Shop.

(If you really want you can store 10 journey tickets as well as your weekly ticket on your smartcard you can, but you can’t use them until all your weekly travel has finished).

Lend it to a friend?

You can lend your card to someone else to use if you wish. The picture and card details simply show who owns the card and it doesn’t have to be you using it. (Obviously child tickets can’t be used by adults).

Are you aged 16-19? If so, with a cashless Endeavour Card you can get at least 25% off full price adults fares on participating bus services. Click here to get yours!

Tower Ramparts Travel Shop opening times
Monday to Friday: 08.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Sunday: Closed

On our town service buses we ask for the exact fare to be tendered to speed the loading of buses. Please place coins in the hopper and hand notes to our driver (sorry, but we have to check other people’s for forgeries!). However, if you do not have the exact fare, change can be given in the form of a credit ticket.

This credit ticket can be refunded at the Tower Ramparts Travel Shop, within 28 days of its issue or can be also used to pay for your bus travel. If the ticket is less than the value of your bus fare, simply pay the difference with cash. If the ticket is more than your bus fare we can reissue a credit ticket removing the fare from your existing one. Besides cash fares, there is a day ticket and a range of weekly, monthly and annual season tickets, please see above.

Concessionary permit holders can travel FREE on all our local bus services between 0930 and 2300 Monday to Friday and all day Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. Outside of these time limits normal buys fares apply.

Unfortunately concessionary bus permits are not valid for travel on any privately hired buses, our Open Top tours, excursions or other ‘special’ bus services, such as to the Suffolk Show, and on rail replacement services.

For train travellers who wish to make onward journeys on our services in and around Ipswich visit the PLUSBUS site here for further details.

In Ipswich for a small additional payment on your train ticket of £3 for adults and £1.50 for young travellers you can travel across all our Ipswich Town network for no additional fare. Just show the driver your train ticket marked PLUSBUS.

Aged 16 or over and moving on to college?

There are three ways you can pay for your travel.

1) If college is less than 3 miles away there are no subsidies available, unless you have mobility problems and then Suffolk County Council may be able to help. Everyone under 20 can get a discount of about one-third off all adult ticket prices with an Endeavour Card from Suffolk County Council or an Ipswich Buses ID card (which you can get from our Tower Ramparts Travel Shop).

2) If you are travelling to your nearest sixth form college and its over 3 miles away, then Suffolk County Council normally assist with the cost of travel; find out more at :-

3) If you have chosen to travel to a sixth form college that is further away, then Suffolk County Council may assist with the cost of travel if you are chosing the college because it has a course you can’t do nearer to home. (Near Ipswich we know that applies to some of the courses at Otley College for example). To find this out follow the link under 2 above Sometimes the college will subsidise your travel (Otley College also do that, and Suffolk One do that to allow you to travel on Ipswich Buses routes 501 and 502 from Stowmarket and Felixstowe). Otherwise you need to pay – but remember that all under 20s can get a discount of about one-third off adult prices by showing the driver your Endeavour Card or Ipswich Buses ID card.

Aged 16 – 19?

Good news you can still get our great value child fare, to get this discount you will need to have photo ID to show the driver. Please remember that we accept any of the following as forms of ID: Ipswich Buses ID card, endeavour card, provisional/ full driving licence and original passport (no photo copies). The driver has the right to refuse travel and ask for an adult fare to be paid if you do not show the correct form of ID when asked.