• Use your contactless bank card, phone or Apple watch

  • No need to register online

  • No need to fumble for change any longer

  • Quick and easy

Ipswich Buses offer contactless payments so you can pay for your travel using your contactless bank card, phone & Apple Watch.

With contactless payments you are now able to buy your single, return, day rover and Family ticket using your bankcard, phone & Apple watch.

  • No need to register online.
  • No need to ensure you have change for your bus fare.
  • Quick and easy.
  • Bank card, Phone & Apple Watch accepted.

Simply just tell the driver what ticket you would like and place your device on the scanner, it’s as easy as that.

In the unfortunate event that your contactless card, phone or apple watch does not work, another method of payment will have to be used in order for you to go ahead with your journey. Please note we do not accept American Express.

Customer Helpline

If you need further information or help please call our helpline:

0800 919 390


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