Changes to Routes 2, 3/3E, 6 & 118/119 from Tuesday 30 August 22

Commencing from Tuesday 30th August 2022 there will a number of changes to routes 2, 3/3E, 6 & 118/119.

Full details are available on our website with the key changes being:

Route 2
Minor morning and afternoon peak journey time changes, Mondays to Saturdays.

Route 3/3E
On Mondays to Friday, the 0649 hours journey leaving John Lewis will be extended to operate to Ipswich Railway Station, arriving at 0728 hours.

Route 6
The service throughout the day, Mondays to Saturdays, will operates every 30 minutes instead of the current every 20 minutes. This change has arisen due to rising costs and lower usage since the pandemic.

Route 118/119
New timetable, Mondays to Saturdays, revised timings due to punctuality issues.

Changes to School Bus Routes, 1st September 2022

Commencing from 1st September 2022 there will a number of minor timing changes to the following school bus routes:




Routes 635/636 will continue to operate unchanged, but passengers will need to present/pay for a valid ticket at the time of boarding, as these journeys will no longer be paid for directly by Suffolk County Council.