Fare revisions on Country services

In advance of September 2023 period products on our country services will be changing. The following services will also see a change to the on bus fares:

  • 603 Shotley to Holbrook Academy (new service)
  • 604 Shotley to Holbrook Academy
  • 615 Ipswich to Holbrook Academy
  • 616 Ipswich to Holbrook Academy
  • 635 Capel St. Mary to East Bergholt High School
  • 636 Tattingstone to East Bergholt High School (via Bentley)
  • 693 Ardleigh to East Bergholt High School (via Mistley & Manningtree)
  • 695 Ipswich East Bergholt High School
  • 914 Ipswich – Debenham High School (via Westerfield, Witnesham & Coddenham)
  • 988 Ipswich – Claydon High School (via Bramford)

The changes to ‘on the day’ fares & period passes available for use on these services are being made in response to the rising cost of operation.

The price of most of the period passes has been frozen since September 2019.  Since this date, we have seen a continued increase in the costs of items such as fuel, utilities, parts and labour.

All of our period tickets continue to provide great value to customers, with each ticket providing unlimited access to our entire network of services for its period of validity. This includes weekends and school holidays.

Our period passes will be available at the following prices:


App Price

Smartcard Price

7-day pass



10-journey pass



28-day pass



Termly pass




Point-to-point single and return fares will also change. Whilst many of these fares have increased, reductions have been made in some areas.

Details of the revised fares can be found by clicking on the links to each service at the top of this new story. 

For further information, you are welcome to contact our customer service team by emailing info@ipswichbuses.co.uk , by calling us on 01473 344 800, or by visiting our travel shop at Tower Ramparts Bus Station.